You only get one shot at first impressions; radiate confidence with GIRLGOD. 


This unique partnership works perfectly because of Tien's knowledge of tailoring and clothing production from her Vietnamese roots. She started her business with business fashion and clothing production when she was 17 in Vietnam. Combined with Raquel’s passion for business building, GIRLGOD became the perfect sister company to LASHGOD, HAIRGOD & NAILGOD. 


Our company’s clothing is manufactured in a sterile, fair pay facility in Vietnam. Run by our founders Tien’s family and tailor group. All fabrics are hand-selected to maintain a luxury wardrobe while being priced for success. Our goal is to be affordable and accessible to everyone looking for self-improvement while empowering women by creating the most elegant IT girl styles that display confidence and affluence. We’ve created a brand made for women chasing success to be their most charming, persistent, and ladylike every day.


We pride ourselves on our commitment to stimulate the economy to create jobs in Canada and globally and offer competitive compensation to change the statistics about poor working circumstances in the fashion industry overseas. GIRLGOD promises always to pay fair wages and create ethically produced styles that you love and feel good about wearing. 


GIRLGOD is a brand producing the needs and asking of our fashion ecosystem. Beauty professions and professional businesswomen now have the resources to easily put together perfect outfits for any occasion—effortless beauty on demand. 


Enjoy GIRLGOD by the girl for the girls who intend to run the world. 


XO - Raq & Tien