She’s a classy lil lady but she’s still got that south fly attitude. A unique fall/winter luxury tassel look. For the bold and beautiful. Made from a wool-cashmere blend, this coat is hand-stitched. Made from refurbished & repurposed furs. Mid-calf length with a 3 look belt for the wool/cashmere belt. The belted midline makes for a petit looking waist, the perfect optical illusion to accentuate your ladylike features.

Available in S, M, L


Size chart:

Small: Bust: 39.3", Length: 44", Shoulder: 16.5", Sleeves: 22.8" 

Medium: Bust: 39.3", Length: 44.4", Shoulder: 16.9", Sleeves: 23.2"

Large: Bust: 42.5", Length: 44.8", Shoulder: 17.3", Sleeves: 23.6"



Material: Cashmere & Wool