Enjoy 3 colours in our 17 LashFit Crew-Neck Onesie"


Cotton blend ribbed onesie, known for accentuating curves and compresses your stomach & thighs leaving your breasts & booty extra voluptuous. 17 Onesies are perfect for working from home & spending time with your crush. Alluring, the sexual definition will have you feeling yourself from head to toes.  


Size chart

SMALL- B: 34-36', W: 25-27.5', H: 36-37.5'

MEDIUM- B:36-38.5', W: 27.5-29.5', H: 37.5-39.5'

LARGE- B: 38.5-42', W: 29.5-32.5', H: 39.5-41.5'


*Accessories are not included.


Material: Cotton

The "17 LashFit" Crew-Neck Onesie GREY

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